Learn About Dodge Grand Caravan's Exterior Features

Since the 80s, Dodge has stood at the front of the minivan pack. The brand's Grand Caravan is a leader in family minivan reliability and safety. Let's explore some of the popular nameplate's exterior highlights now.

The Dodge Grand Caravan offers features that help you face winter driving with confidence. Among those, you will find heated mirrors. These mirrors let you forget about chiseling on icy mornings, and they will help you enjoy improved safety during long, cold drives by banishing frost from the mirrors' glass.

Anytime of year, you will love Dodge Grand Caravan's bright, quad halogen headlamps. They help you see what rests in your dear family's way, and the system's available fog lamps will let you view through rich mist.

Come to Team Dodge to learn more about every Dodge Grand Caravan feature. When you visit, we'll go for a friendly, worthwhile test drive.




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