Learning the Tips on Avoiding a Tire Blowout

By taking proactive measures to ensure your car tires don't experience a blowout, you make the road safer for you and anyone else driving near you.

Buy a tire gauge and keep it in your glove box. Get into the habit of taking the tire pressure each morning, and if the number is out of the recommended range, get air immediately. Too little or too much air could cause a tire blowout at high speeds.

Give the tire tread a close inspection. If the tread appears to be separating from the tire, it might be defective and needs to be replaced immediately.

Look closely at both the outside and inside tire walls. If you notice dimples, cracks, or bulges, get a professional to look at the tire before going on a long drive.

If you see anything abnormal with the car tires, come to Team Dodge so we can give them a complete inspection.
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