Keep an Eye on Your Brake Fluid Levels

Brake fluid is also known as hydraulic fluid. This essential fluid is inside of the braking system that is part of your vehicle. When you press your brakes, your braking fluid contributes to the process of how your vehicle slows down. If your fluid reservoir is low, damaged or bad, this can make the process of braking your vehicle not quite as efficient or safe. If you suspect there is an issue with your brakes or brake fluid, make sure you bring your vehicle down to Team Dodge so we can take a look at your car.

Brake fluid is quite impressive when you consider the types of extreme conditions and temperatures that it can tolerate. It is also responsible for moving everything in place when you are braking your vehicle. Force is turned into pressure thanks to brake fluid (or hydraulic fluid) and frequent inspection and maintenance to this fluid is important.

Contact our auto parts and service team soon to discuss brake fluid and the other components of your braking system.

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