New Jeep Cherokee and a Number of Unique Safety Features

Here are some of the unique safety features in the new Jeep Cherokee that make it one of the more popular SUVs.

The Jeep Cherokee has the Blind Spot Information System which is monitoring behind your vehicle to see if another car is too close and is in your blind spots. If so, you can see the alert on the side mirror warning you which side of the car to not leave the lane.

Keeping drivers safe as they make their way down the road, the Jeep Cherokee come equipped with a Pre-Collision Assist feature that will monitor for pedestrian or automobiles that might lead to a collision and flash a warning on the windshield before powering down the brake system.

If you want to see more than these two features, come to Team Dodge and we'll hand over the keys for you to take the Jeep Cherokee for a test drive.



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