A Dodge Grand Caravan Can Safely Take You Places

If you have a lot to transport, you'll appreciate having the space that a Dodge Grand Caravan offers. With three spacious rows of seating and extra cargo capacity, this vehicle makes sense for many of our customers at Team Dodge in Huntsville. Another advantage of driving the Grand Caravan is that it has many safety features.

To help with stability, there are two built-in systems. All-speed traction control is constantly monitoring the activity of the wheels to watch out for any loss of grip. If a slipping wheel is detected, brakes will be applied appropriately. Further, Electronic Stability Control kicks into gear whenever conditions are slippery.

In case an accident occurs, the construction of the Grand Caravan will come into play. The vehicle has a high-strength steel frame, a suite of advanced airbags located throughout the minivan, and crumple zones in both the front and back.



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