The Jeep Wrangler maintains its rugged appearance from past designs even though there are a few new details to view. The details of the outside of the vehicle are designed so that they blend with the interior of the Jeep, keeping it stylish from all angles.

One of the things that you'll notice about the Jeep Wrangler is that the tires and the fenders offer a stance that demands respect. They elevate the details of the vehicle and leave room for improvements and larger tires if you want to change the design. Team Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Huntsville can assist with choosing new tires if you want to replace them.

The colors of the fenders blend with the rest of the body so that they don't stand out from the other details. Rims are polished granite or black on most vehicles. There is enough room for upgrading to tires that are 35 inches if you want to sit a bit higher off the road in Huntsville.



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