Mopar Vehicle Protection Keeps Your Vehicle Moving

Hitting the road in Huntsville for vacation should bring you lots of joy. Inconvenient and unexpected vehicle breakdowns can happen to anyone. Fortunately, Mopar Vehicle Protection offers two suitable benefits.

If you're stranded, Mopar’s $100 Towing Allowance/Roadside Assistance can quickly get you back on the road. Just sign, and the Mopar team starts working to replace a flat tire with your spare tire, help you get back into your locked car, or to jump-start an ailing battery. Mopar will even help tow your vehicle.

Despite getting a highly encouraged pre-vacation check at Team Dodge service center, your car may still develop problems covered by Mopar or your warranty. Mopar offers up to $1,000 of Trip Interruption Protection for rental car, lodging, and meal expenses incurred as your vehicle is repaired. Rely on Mopar Vehicle Protection to keep your vacation vehicle moving.



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