Safety First with the Jeep Renegade at Team Dodge

You’re going to love everything about the Jeep Renegade, including the many safety features. You’ll see how this popular SUV has prioritized safety thanks to the various technologies. When you visit us in Huntsville, we will take you for a test drive to see the features in action.

One of the top features is LaneSense. It is a lane departure warning that will help you to stay within your lanes. The system reads the lines on the road and lets you know if you move across them without using your turn signal. A slight vibration in the steering wheel will tell you about the unintentional movement, too.

The full-speed forward collision warning is another great feature. This will tell you if you approach another vehicle from the back too quickly. Audible and visual alerts will be used to tell you what’s going on. The vehicle can even apply the brakes if you don’t react quickly enough.



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